1:2500 Scale topographic model: layered paper  EHDD Architects                     Photo: CMD Staff
 Hills Brothers       1/16th inch       Photo: Gerry Ratto
 1/16th scale Mid-rise                                 Fisher Friedman Associates
 SOM                                Shenzhen Tower                             1:500 scale                          
 Aquarium                             1:100 scale                               EHDD 
 Proposal for NASDAC headquarters            Landor Associates  1/4 inch scale 
 Guadalupe River Park          San Jose Red. Agency / Hargreaves Associates  At 1 inch to 50 feet, this model is 9 by 27 feet. There are over 9000 trees on the model.
 San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers  Built for the White House display of 50 Great Historical Buildings
 1"=40' scale massing model with graphic applied windows
 Marin County Day School           EHDD Architects  This is almost all in basswood, with some glazing in acrylic. The topography is layered basswood, with laser scored detailing. Scale is 1/16th inch.
 Interior Store model            1/2 inch scale             Banana Republic
 UC Irvine Campus Study      1"=50' scale  Painted machined foam topography, stacked laser cut buildings
 Oyster Point Development        1"=50'                        FLAD  topography made using stacked, printed satellite images
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