Scaled on Ray Branding and Assets

Purpose of the Branding

The objective of the 'Scaled on Ray' branding is to create broader market awareness of Ray and the core value proposition of Ray for AI/ML scaling. Applying the branding, the logo and/or 'Scaled on Ray' term, helps foster and build the Ray Community, encourage contributions, engage community members, drive adoption, and further validate the proven advantages of Ray open source.

Application of the Branding

The 'Scaled on Ray' branding and/or logo should be applied to any product or feature that uses the Ray open source project ( and/or any Ray libraries (see the documentation) to power the product or feature, regardless of whether the use of Ray is visible to the end user. It should also be applied where relevant to all associated documentation, SDK, toolkits, user interfaces, sales and marketing collateral and other customer-facing marketing and product assets.

Logo and Branding Assets

The 'Scaled on Ray' term and logo usage guidelines are provided in this branding guideline document. The standard description of Ray to be used in written materials is also provided in the document. The 'Scaled on Ray' logo files/images are provided for download on

Usage of all logos, trade names and other materials referenced in these branding guidelines is subject to your acceptance of the Scaled on Ray Logo Agreement; if you have not yet executed it, please reach out to us for the agreement.