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Ray for large-scale time-series forecasting of disk utilization in a data center

Ray Summit 2022

Forecasting of disk utilization is crucial for one of KocDigital's clients, a leading private corporate cloud company that operates three data centers in Turkey. Full disk utilization leads to severe availability issues that undermine the company's reputation, so the company needs to be able to forecast disk utilization for several weeks, observe the risk of exceeding a critical utilization threshold, and take precautions to prevent availability issues. Forecasting a single server's disk utilization is a relatively simple task that requires time-series forecasting capabilities, but producing forecasts for tens of thousands of servers each and every day would be extremely challenging. In this talk, we'll share how Ray helped KocDigital ML engineers accelerate the training speed (finding out the best fitting model for each server) and generate inference almost 10 times to create a robust forecasting solution for the company. Ray Core (task and actor) and Ray Clusters were implemented successfully to overcome the computational complexity that stems from the scale of the problem.

About Ayhan

Ayhan Demirci is data and analytics director at KocDigital, where he leads all AI/ML teams, services, and initiatives. KocDigital is the leading AI company in Turkey and the surrounding area, providing AI services for clients from 10+ industries. Ayhan has 25+ years of experience in data and analytics. Prior to KocDigital he worked as head of data and analytics at Enerjisa, a leading utility in Turkey (joint venture of E.ON). He also worked at Turkcell, the leading mobile phone operator in the region, for 9+ years. He has also co-founded two startup companies in data and analytics. He is a big fan of streaming, big data and AI technologies, RISELab, Ion Stoica, and Ray. Ayhan always encourages his team to follow and contribute these disruptive AI technologies. He is a mathematics engineer with a master's degree from Istanbul Technical University.

Ayhan Demirci

Data & Analytics Director, KocDigital
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