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Large-scale data shuffle in Ray with Exoshuffle

Ray Summit 2022

Shuffle is a key primitive in large-scale data processing applications. The difficulty of large-scale shuffle has inspired a myriad of implementations. While these have greatly improved shuffle performance and reliability over time, it comes at a cost: flexibility. We show that contrary to the popular wisdom, shuffle can be implemented with high performance and reliability on a general-purpose system for distributed computing: Ray. In this talk we present Exoshuffle, an application-level shuffle system that outperforms Spark and achieves 82% of theoretical performance on a 100TB sort on 100 nodes. In Ray 2.0, we have integrated Exoshuffle with the Datasets library to provide high-performance large-scale shuffle for ML users.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Wang is a PhD student in distributed systems at UC Berkeley, a software engineer at Anyscale, and a lead committer for the Ray project. Currently, she's working on problems such as fault tolerance and distributed memory management. She is generally interested in the problem of making general-purpose distributed programming possible and in designing fast and reliable distributed systems.

About Jiajun

Jiajun Yao is a software engineer at Anyscale and a committer for the Ray project. He is interested in making distributed computing easily accessible to everyone. Before joining Anyscale, Jiajun was a software engineer at LinkedIn building the graph database.

Stephanie Wang

Software Engineer, Anyscale

Jiajun Yao

Software Engineer, Anyscale
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