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Missed us in San Francisco for Ray Summit 2022? Don't fret, you can watch your favorite sessions on demand!

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Highlighted Talks

What is new in Ray

Scaling AI workloads with Ray

Richard Liaw (Engineering Manager, Anyscale)
Eric Liang (Software Engineer, Anyscale)

Richard Liaw
Eric Liang headshot

What's new in Ray Serve

Edward Oakes (Software Engineer, Anyscale)
Simon Mo (Software Engineer, Anyscale)

Edward Oakes
Simon Mo

A Kubernetes Ray clustering solution

Ali Kanso (Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft)
Jiaxin Shan (Software Engineer, ByteDance)

Ali Kanso headshot
Jiaxin Shan headshot

What’s new in RLlib

Sven Mika (Machine Learning Engineer, Anyscale)
Jun Gong (Software Engineer, Anyscale)

Sven Mika
Jun Gong headshot

Ray Deep Dives

Large Scale Data Shuffle in Ray with Exoshuffle

Stephanie Wang (Software Engineer, Anyscale)
Jiajun Yao (Software Engineer, Anyscale)

Stephanie Wang
Jiajun Yao headshot

Deep dive into data ingest with AIR + Datasets

Clark Zinzow (Software Engineer, Anyscale)

Clark Zinzow

Ray Observability: Present and future

SangBin Cho (Software Engineer, Anyscale)
Ricky Xu (Software Engineer, Anyscale)

SangBin Cho
Ricky Xu headshot

Ray Use Cases & Ecosystem

Large-scale deep learning training and tuning with Ray at Uber

Xu Ning (Senior Engineering Manager, Uber)
Michael Mui (Staff Software Engineer, Uber AI)
Di Yu (Sr. Software Engineer, Uber Technologies, Inc.)

Xu Ning
Michael Mui
Di Yu headshot

The Magic of Merlin: Shopify's new machine learning platform

Isaac Vidas (Machine Learning Platform Tech Lead, Shopify)

Isaac Vidas headshot

Ray + Weights & Biases: Build and deploy real-world ML models

Lukas Biewald (CEO/Founder, Weights & Biases)

Lukas Biewald headshot

Large-scale distributed training with TorchX and Ray

Mark Saroufim (Machine Learning Engineer, Meta)

Mark Saroufim
Training image desktop

Exclusive Ray Training Sessions

Ray Summit is a great opportunity to level up your Ray skills through hands-on training sessions with the builders and maintainers of Ray. We’re offering several pre-conference training sessions on August 22. Space is limited — reserve your spot now!


Training 1:

Introduction to Ray for distributed applications

Learn more

Training 2:

Machine learning model deployment and serving with Ray Serve

Learn more

Training 3:

Introduction to reinforcement learning and RLlib

Learn more

Why Attend?

As the annual user conference for the open source Ray community, Ray Summit is a unique opportunity to enhance your Ray skills, build your professional network, and learn what's on the Ray roadmap.

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Enhance Your Skills

Extend what you can do with Ray by attending hands-on, expert-led workshops and deep dives

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Build Your Network

Mingle with the world’s top minds in distributed computing, machine learning, and AI

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Get Involved

Learn what’s on the Ray roadmap and connect with the builders and maintainers of Ray and Ray libraries

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Celebrate the Ray community

Get ready for our epic community bash at the Art of Tinkering exhibit at the San Francisco Exploratorium on August 23 from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Come explore, play, and celebrate with the Ray Community. This is an exclusive opportunity to experience this amazing interactive exhibition before it closes in September.

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Join the Conversation

Ready to get involved in the Ray community before the conference? Ask a question in the forums. Open a pull request. Or share why you’re excited with the hashtag #RaySummit on Twitter.