Distributed computing made simple

Easily develop and deploy distributed Python and machine learning applications, at any scale.

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Webinar | On demand

Learn how to get started with RLlib for scalable reinforcement learning, from training to serving.

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Webinar | On demand

Learn how Ray libraries (eg., Ray Tune, Ray Serve, etc) help you easily scale every step of your ML pipeline — from model training and hyperparameter search to inference and production serving.

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Ray Core Tutorial | On Demand

New to Ray? Jump-start your learning with this free hands-on tutorial on Ray Core.

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Graphic with colorful dots connected to the Ray logo

Origins and mission

Modern workloads, especially in machine learning and artificial intelligence, require immense amounts of compute — which is only possible through distributed execution.

However, building and running distributed apps is hard, and remains inaccessible to most developers. Ray was created at the UC Berkeley RISELab to address this challenge and make distributed computing simple, flexible, and accessible to all engineers.

Vibrant community. Inspiring stories.

Thousands of engineers, developers, and researchers are building the next generation of distributed Python and machine learning systems on Ray to solve all kinds of hard problems — from scaling ecosystem restoration to making boats fly.

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Anyscale platform

Ray simplifies distributed computing. Anyscale simplifies building, running and managing Ray applications. By eliminating infrastructure and cluster management from the equation, Anyscale lets you focus on your application, and reduce time to market.

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Focus on your applications, and leave the infrastructure management and compute orchestration to us

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Operated by the creators of Ray, rest easy knowing your Ray clusters are in the best hands.

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From testing at scale on a multi-terabyte data to deploying to production, access infinite compute with zero code changes

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Our managed Ray platform provides fast access to clusters, letting you tap into scale quickly and efficiently

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