Fastest way to build AI/ML apps in our cloud or yours

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    Anyscale in our cloud

    Build and deploy your AI apps on our infrastructure.

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    Anyscale in your cloud

    Build and deploy your AI apps on your infrastructure.

A fully hosted solution to build your AI applications

Build and deploy your AI apps in Anyscale’s cloud infrastructure. Get started in minutes!

  • LLM APIs and fine-tuning on shared or dedicated clusters
  • Ray application templates to get started in seconds
  • Easily move from development to production
  • Proprietary Ray and LLM optimizations
  • Starter compute costs
  • LLM APIs
CPU machines from $0.0086 /min
GPU machines
A100 - 80GB from $0.1131 /min
A10G from $0.0272 /min
L4 from $0.0181 /min
T4 from $0.0164 /min
V100 from $0.0666 /min
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Trusted AI infrastructure platform

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With Ray and Anyscale, you can save over 50% on compute costs

Handshake saved 50% on cloud costs

“What we’re doing would be prohibitively expensive with other AI platforms in terms of cost. Anyscale  enables us to quickly take advantage of open models like Llama-2, Mixtral, or whatever comes next, and in AI, there’s always a ‘next’. We’re ready for it with Anyscale.”

Deepak Kumar
VP of AI & Data Engineering
SewerAI iterates 3x faster with 75% savings

“Anyscale was exactly what we needed to scale our ML workloads without investing time and money in building our own infrastructure”

Noah Rubinstein
AI architect
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Canva achieved 100% GPU utilization and reduced cloud costs by 50%

“Our new platform gives us optionality everywhere. Nothing’s off the table and our nimble approach means we can evolve as AI does. We have no ceiling on scale, and an incredible opportunity to bring AI features and value to our 170 million users.”

Greg Roodt
Head of Data platforms

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