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An introduction to Ray for scaling machine learning workloads

August 18th, 9am - 10am Pacific

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ray serve

Anyscale Connect

Building a scalable ML model serving API with Ray Serve

Ray Serve is a framework-agnostic and Python-first model serving library built on Ray. In this introductory webinar on R...

09 . 09 . 2021   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
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Anyscale Connect

An introduction to Ray for scaling machine learning (ML) workloads

Modern machine learning (ML) workloads, such as deep learning and large-scale model training, are compute-intensive and...

08 . 18 . 2021   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video

Anyscale Academy

Hands-on Reinforcement Learning with Ray’s RLlib

A beginner’s tutorial for working with multi-agent environments, models, and algorithms. “Hands-on RL with Ray’s RLlib”...

06 . 24 . 2021   |   07:30 PM (UTC)Watch video
ray core

Anyscale Academy

Ray Core Tutorial

A Guided Tour of Ray Core covers an introductory, hands-on coding tour through the core features of Ray, which provide p...

06 . 24 . 2021   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
Erik E

Ray Summit

Powering Open Data Hub with Ray

Erik Erlandson Software Engineer, Red Hat, AI Center of Excellence

06 . 23 . 2021   |   08:35 PM (UTC)Watch video

Ray Summit

Introducing Amazon SageMaker Kubeflow Reinforcement Learning Pipelines for Robotics

Sahika Genc, Principal Applied Scientist, Amazon

06 . 23 . 2021   |   08:35 PM (UTC)Watch video

Ray Summit

Software 2.0 Needs Data 2.0: A New Way of Storing and Managing Data for Efficient Deep Learning

Davit Buniatyan, Founding CEO, Activeloop

06 . 23 . 2021   |   08:35 PM (UTC)Watch video
chris q

Ray Summit

Mars-on-Ray: Accelerating Large-scale Tensor and DataFrame Workloads

Chris Qin, Senior Software Engineer, Alibaba Cloud

06 . 23 . 2021   |   08:35 PM (UTC)Watch video

Ray Summit

A Growing Ecosystem of Scalable ML Libraries on Ray

Amog Kamsetty, Software Engineer, Anyscale

06 . 23 . 2021   |   08:35 PM (UTC)Watch video

Ray Summit

Using RLLib in an Enterprise Scale Reinforcement Learning Solution

Jeroen Bédorf (Senior System Architect) & Ishaan Sood (Neural Network and Software Engineer),

06 . 23 . 2021   |   08:35 PM (UTC)Watch video