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May 25 meetup

Ray Meetup

Ray Community Talks

Each month we get together to discuss Ray and Ray’s native libraries for scaling machine learning workloads. For May’s m...

05 . 26 . 2022   |   01:00 AM (UTC)Register
May 10 meetup

Ray Meetup

[Ray Meetup @ Data Science DC] Scaling and Distributing Python & ML Applications with Ray

Modern machine learning workloads are compute-intensive and require distributed execution. Ray is an open-source, genera...

05 . 10 . 2022   |   10:00 PM (UTC)Register

Anyscale Connect

Ray Serve 101: Deploying your first ML model locally and as a managed service

Join this webinar for a primer on Ray Serve - an easy-to-use, scalable model serving library built on top of Ray.

05 . 05 . 2022   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
April 13 meetup

Ray Meetup

Productionizing ML at scale with Ray Serve

It’s time for April's Ray Meetup, a monthly series where we get together to discuss Ray and Ray’s native libraries for s...

04 . 14 . 2022   |   01:00 AM (UTC)Watch video
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Anyscale Connect

RL in production: A roundtable discussion with industry leaders

Reinforcement learning (RL) is the new kid on the machine learning block. Why are industry leaders giving RL a try? When...

04 . 13 . 2022   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video

RL Summit

[Tutorial] RL for recommender systems - from Contextual Bandits to SlateQ and Offline RL with Ray RLlib

Hands-on tutorial on RL and RLlib for building recommendation systems. ---

03 . 29 . 2022   |   08:00 PM (UTC)Watch video

RL Summit

Reinforcement learning in the physical world

Siemens Technology talk about RL use cases that impact real lives - from washing machines to gas-powered turbines. ---

03 . 29 . 2022   |   06:15 PM (UTC)Watch replay

RL Summit

AlphaDow: Leveraging Ray’s ecosystem to train and deploy an RL industrial production scheduling agent

Adam Kelloway from Dow talks about AlphaDow, an RL-based industrial production scheduling agent. ---

03 . 29 . 2022   |   05:45 PM (UTC)Watch replay

RL Summit

Reinforcement learning-based simulation of markets

Sumitra Ganesh from J.P. Morgan talks about using RL for agent-based simulation of markets. ---

03 . 29 . 2022   |   04:30 PM (UTC)Watch replay

RL Summit

Deep reinforcement learning at Riot Games

Ben Kasper from Riot Games talks about using RL to help game designers improve game balance.

03 . 29 . 2022   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch replay