Ray Summit

AI In Production Key Challenges and Use Cases

Thursday, October 1, 4:00PM UTC

Scaling AI applications require a parallel pipeline approach. With the help of ray actors, Robovision created the concept of ML framework independent compute cells and pipelines. These cells can be reconfigured later into other pipelines and be published in a private or public AI store. The age of scalable AI has finally started. We explore scalable AI cases in agritech, healthcare, manufacturing and smart cities.


Jonathan Berte

Jonathan Berte

CEO, Robovision

Jonathan Berte, CEO at Robovision, is a civil physics engineer (University of Ghent 2002). During his studies Jonathan specialised in applied neurology at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI). He is a pioneer in Artificial intelligence and saw the potential cultural impact early on.

Jonathan co-founded Robovision.ai, where he now leads a 60-headed team to make Deep learning applications accessible for everyone. He was awarded the Engineer of the year 2019 thanks to his innovative work and influence.