A Glimpse Into the Ray Autoscaler

Tuesday, January 19, 6:00PM UTC

Ray autoscaler is the core engine for running distributed Ray applications and the most used Ray library. Autoscaler runs under the hood with every Ray cluster launched. It manages the entire cluster of nodes based on demand and the user’s application. Autoscaler dynamically determines how many nodes and which types of nodes are running at a given time, how many to launch, how many to terminate, how efficient the application will run and more.
In this talk, Ameer gives a glimpse into Ray autoscaler: the algorithm it uses to schedule resources and the different recent new features added to it including placement groups, directly requesting resources, and multi node types.


Ameer Haj Ali

Ameer Haj Ali

Ameer Haj Ali is a project manager at Anyscale where he leads the Ray Autoscaler team, the on premise cluster management, and C++ language support. Before joining Anyscale, Ameer completed his Ph.D., in two years, in the ADEPT Lab and RISE Lab at UC Berkeley, where he was advised by Professors Ion Stoica and Krste Asanovic. His research focused on compiling, auto-tuning, code optimization, machine learning, reinforcement learning, and hardware for machine learning. At UC Berkeley Ameer helped bring up/led many projects spanning machine learning in compiler optimization and hardware software codesign. This included Gemmini, AutoPhase, NeuroVectorizer, ProTuner, Ansor, AutoCkt and more. Ameer finished his M.Sc. studies (summa cum laude, the valedictorian) at the Technion in 2018, where he worked on using emerging memory technologies to enhance the performance of modern computer systems with Professor Shahar Kvatinsky and made multiple journal and conference publications. He also finished four years of undergraduate studies in computer engineering at the Technion in only three years, graduating summa cum laude and receiving the valedictorian honor. During Summer 2019, Ameer worked as a research scientist at Intel Labs in the brain inspired computing lab where he explored deep reinforcement learning in system optimization, and built NeuroVectorizer and RLDRM. During his undergraduate studies, Ameer worked at Mellanox Technologies as a chip designer, focusing on creating design and automation tools that facilitated the formal and dynamic verification process.
In his free time, volunteers as a board member on the board of directors of American Technion Society (ATS), and promotes the underprivileged Arab minority in Israel.