Ray Summit

Panel: ML Platform on Ray

Tuesday, June 22, 9:20PM UTC

Zhe Zhang (Open Source Engineering Lead), Anyscale; Xu Ning, PhD, (Senior Engineering Manager), Uber; Azeem Ahmed (Director of Data Platform Engineering), Shopify; Bhavya Agarwal (ML Engineer), Robinhood

Zhe Zhang, open source engineering lead at Anyscale, moderates a panel on "Building Machine Learning Platform on Ray", featuring Xu Ning (Uber), Azeem Ahmed (Shopify), and Bhavya Agarwal (Robinhood).

Uber, Shopify and Robinhood are leading technology firms with large-scale and sophisticated needs for machine learning (ML) and AI. In this panel discussion, engineering leaders from these 3 companies will discuss the state of ML within their organizations, including the technology landscape and use cases. They will share their motivations behind adopting Ray as the unified compute substrate for their production ML platforms. They will wrap the conversation with their thoughts on the future of ML.


Zhe Zhang

Zhe Zhang

Open Source Engineering Lead, Anyscale

Zhe currently leads open source engineering at Anyscale. Before that, he was at LinkedIn managing the Big Data / AI Compute team (providing Hadoop/Spark/TensorFlow as services). Ever since 2014, Zhe's work has been closely related to open source. He's a committer and PMC member of Apache Hadoop, and a Member of Apache Software Foundation.

Xu Ning

Xu Ning, PhD

Senior Engineering Manager, Uber

Xu Ning, PhD is a Senior Engineering Manager at Uber leading multiple software development teams in Uber’s Michelangelo Machine Learning Platform. His teams are major contributors to Uber’s open-source Deep Learning software: Horovod distributed training framework (horovod.ai), Petastorm data access library (github.com/uber/petastorm) and Neuropod unified inference library (neuropod.ai). Before Michelangelo, he led Uber's Cherami distributed task queue, Hadoop observability and Data security teams. Prior to Uber, he held engineering positions at Facebook, Akamai and Microsoft. His interests are machine learning, deep learning, MLOps, big data and infrastructure engineering. His latest work at Uber is published at https://eng.uber.com/author/xu-ning/.

Azeem Ahmed

Azeem Ahmed

Director of Data Platform Engineering, Shopify

Azeem is the Director of Data Platform Engineering at Shopify. He leads the data platform teams at Shopify to manage all of Shopify and its merchants data and power commerce analytics for 1.7+ million merchants at internet scale. Prior to Shopify, Azeem was at LinkedIn where his focus was data management and at Consensys where he led the teams building blockchain data aggregation and analytics.

Bhavya Agarwal

Bhavya Agarwal

ML Engineer, Robinhood

Bhavya is a ML Engineer at Robinhood working as a part of their CoreML Team on scaling model training and deployments. His team is responsible for building and maintaining ML Infra for the company. Before that he was one of the early hires at Uber's ML Platform team Michelangelo, worked at Microsoft for Azure's distributed monitoring service, and Amazon's ML Platform team.