Ray Summit

Ray Internals: Object Management with the Ownership Model

Tuesday, June 22, 8:45PM UTC

Stephanie Wang, PhD Student, UC Berkeley | Software Engineer, Anyscale & Yi Cheng, Software Engineer, Anyscale

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In this talk, we'll do a deep dive into Ray's distributed object management layer. We'll explain the Ray execution model and the basics behind the Ray distributed object store. Next, we'll describe the challenges with achieving both performance and reliability for object management. We'll present our solution to this problem, which is based on a novel concept called ownership that ensures object metadata consistency with low overhead. Finally, we'll present some exciting upcoming work on how to extend ownership to better support recent use cases.


Stephanie Wang

Stephanie Wang

PhD Student, UC Berkeley | Software Engineer, Anyscale

Stephanie is a PhD student in distributed systems at UC Berkeley, a software engineer at Anyscale, and a lead committer for the Ray project. Currently, she's working on problems such as fault tolerance and distributed memory management. She is generally interested in the problem of making general-purpose distributed programming possible and in designing fast and reliable distributed systems.

Yi Cheng

Yi Cheng

Software Engineer, Anyscale

Yi is a software engineer at Anyscale and a committer for the Ray project. He is interested in building efficient and reliable computation systems. Before joining Anyscale, Yi was a software engineer at TigerGraph, Facebook, and Baidu.