Ray Summit

Cloud Computing Made Better: An AWS View on Serverless Computing

Wednesday, June 23, 5:25PM UTC

Marvin Theimer, Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services

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In 2019 the Berkeley RISELab published a paper giving its perspective on the emerging topic of serverless computing. Two years have now gone by and serverless computing has only grown in importance. In this talk I will discuss the predictions and conclusions made in that and other such papers from the perspective of what AWS has done in this space and how we see the future of serverless computing.


Marvin Theimer

Marvin Theimer

Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services

Marvin Theimer is a Distinguished Engineer at Amazon. Marvin received a PhD in Computer Sciencefrom Stanford University in 1986. He then spent seventeen years as a researcher working at IBM'sAlmaden Research Center, Xerox PARC, and Microsoft Research on topics including distributed operatingsystems, ubiquitous computing, eventually-consistent replicated systems, peer-to-peer file systems, andglobal-scale peer-to-peer event notification systems. Marvin left research in 2003 to work on Microsoft'sAdvanced Web Services and High Performance Computing products. He joined Amazon in 2006 and,with the exception of a brief sojourn to Google, has been there ever since.

At Amazon, Marvin has worked on a variety of projects, including scalable reliable messaging services,virtualized cloud networks, streaming data processing platforms, utility commerce platforms, clouddirectories, and identity-and-access-management platforms. He’s currently a member of the AI Servicesorganization in AWS, with his primary focus on life sciences and healthcare.