Ray Summit

Deeper Dive on Making Boats Fly with AI on Ray

Wednesday, June 23, 7:25PM UTC

A deeper dive into Nic Hohn's keThe increasing prevalence of high-fidelity industrial digital twins is providing a range of opportunities to apply Reinforcement Learning (RL) techniques outside of traditional academic examples and video games. We will present how McKinsey supported Emirates Team New Zealand in winning the 36th America’s Cup by leveraging some of the latest AI techniques and technology platforms. The America’s Cup is the oldest sports trophy in the world, but is first and foremost a technology competition. It’s a race against time to design, test, and deliver the fastest yacht on race day, with a team of Olympic-level athletes ready to sail it and make it fly thanks to cutting-edge hydrofoils. We will describe how we used deep Reinforcement Learning to speed up their design process. In particular, we will deep dive on the underlying technologies we used, from scaling RL training on a Ray cluster, to using Tune to manage results variability.ynote, "Making Boats Fly with AI on Ray".


Nicolas Hohn

Nicolas Hohn

Chief Data Scientist, McKinsey/QuantumBlack Australia

Chief Data Scientist, McKinsey/QuantumBlack Australia.