Industry Event

Productionizing open source LLMs with LangChain & Ray

Thursday, June 22, 12:00PM UTC
Productionizing open source LLMs with LangChain & Ray

As companies and enthusiasts release new LLM-based apps almost every day, there is a growing demand for techniques, tools, and best practices related to evaluating and productionizing open-source models.

​Join us for a technical meetup featuring fast-paced talks presented by industry leaders, including Harrison Chase from LangChain, Robert Nishihara from Anyscale, and Michel Tricot from Airbyte.

​Moderated by the renowned deep learning educator Charles Frye, this meetup provides a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and learn about cutting-edge techniques and tools.

​Following the talks, all the speakers will participate in a panel discussion. Don't forget to ask your questions to the panel! This dynamic exchange will focus on emerging trends in productionizing open-source LLMs.

​We ensure ample networking opportunities for you to connect with fellow industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts.

​5:30 - 6:00 - open doors, refreshments, networking
​6:00 - 6:45 - 10 minute talks
​ Moderator: Charles Frye (Full Stack Deep Learning) - deep learning educator
​Harrison Chase (CEO, LangChain) - Evaluating LLM Applications
​Robert Nishihara (CEO, Anyscale) - Scaling and Productionizing LLMs
​Lianmin Zheng (UC Berkeley) - Vicuna and Chatbot Arena
​Michel Tricot (CEO, Airbyte) - [tbd]
​6:45 -7:30 - 45 minutes panel moderated by Charles Frye
​7:30 - 8:30 - more refreshments and networking


Robert Nishihara

Robert Nishihara

Co-founder and CEO, Anyscale

Robert Nishihara is one of the creators of Ray, a distributed system for scaling Python and machine learning applications. He is one of the co-founders and CEO of Anyscale, which is the company behind Ray. He did his PhD in machine learning and distributed systems in the computer science department at UC Berkeley. Before that, he majored in math at Harvard.