Build enterprise-grade Q&A at scale with LangChain and Open Source LLMs on AWS

Tuesday, August 22, 4:00PM UTC

Join us for an exciting livestream hosted by Pinecone and Anyscale, the company behind Ray. This webinar will explore how developers can build a secure and scalable question-answering system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using open-source LLMs, specifically LangChain, Anyscale, and Pinecone.

Learn how to effortlessly harness the built-in integration between LangChain, Anyscale, and Pinecone to build AI applications on AWS. Discover how these powerful tools work together to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your Q&A system, enabling you to create a well-architected LLM application.

Enhancing answer reliability is crucial, and we will show you how to leverage Pinecone's long-term memory capabilities to mitigate hallucination and ground your answers in factual information. You can significantly improve reliability and accuracy by incorporating long-term memory into your Q&A system.

Gain valuable insights into designing a well-architected LLM application on AWS. Explore best practices for optimizing performance, security, and scalability, and learn how to build an enterprise-grade Q&A system that can scale effortlessly.



Roie Schwaber-Cohen photo

Roie Schwaber-Cohen

Staff Developer Advocate

Phi Nguyen

Phi Nguyen

GTM Tech Lead, Anyscale

Phi has been working with Fortune 500 customers in Retail, CPG, HCLS, Financial services and startups to accelerate their machine learning practices. This includes a wide range of engagements such as helping teams organize and build a center of excellence for ML, MLOps processes and automation, ML use cases development and feasibility to providing cloud best practices combining Ray and public cloud such as AWS and GCP or open source projects running on Kubernetes.