End to End LLMs Workflows with Anyscale

Thursday, June 20, 5:00PM UTC

Organizations are making substantial investments in GenAI and LLMs, and Anyscale is at the forefront of this innovation. We've partnered with industry leaders like Canva, Samsara, OpenAI, and Jasper to enable their large-scale AI workloads.

Join our upcoming webinar to explore how a modern platform can support every stage of the AI app development lifecycle. Learn to build and scale end-to-end LLM workflows with Anyscale.

Gain insight into the complete LLM lifecycle with fully runnable code, covering:

  • Data processing

  • Model fine-tuning

  • LLM evaluations and offline inference

  • Online inference for production traffic

Who Should Attend?

This technical webinar is ideal for AI Engineers looking to operationalize generative AI models at scale. Infrastructure Engineers aiming to support GenAI use cases in their organizations will also benefit greatly.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain deep technical insights and practical knowledge from industry experts.



Robert Nishihara

Robert Nishihara

Co-founder and CEO, Anyscale

Robert Nishihara is one of the creators of Ray, a distributed system for scaling Python and machine learning applications. He is one of the co-founders and CEO of Anyscale, which is the company behind Ray. He did his PhD in machine learning and distributed systems in the computer science department at UC Berkeley. Before that, he majored in math at Harvard.


Goku Mohandas

ML Lead, Anyscale