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Ray Tune and Ray Serve

This tutorial introduces you to two of the major Ray libraries: Ray Tune for hyperparameter tuning/optimization (HPO) an...

07 . 22 . 2020   |   02:00 PM (PST)Watch video

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Practical Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning (RL) trains a system to perform a sequence of actions that maximize the rewards in an environment...

07 . 08 . 2020   |   02:00 PM (PST)Watch video
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Reinforcement Learning with Ray RLlib

RLlib is the Ray-based library for implementing reinforcement learning applications. This tutorial will introduce you to...

06 . 24 . 2020   |   02:00 PM (PST)Watch video

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The Road to AutoML: Hyperparameter Tuning and Neural Architecture Search

The vision of AutoML is to remove as much manual effort and required expertise as possible when applying machine learnin...

06 . 17 . 2020   |   02:00 PM (PST)Watch video
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Introduction to Ray: Fast and Simple Distributed Computing

Ray was created to make it easier to scale diverse computation tasks and distributed state across a cluster, with a mini...

05 . 27 . 2020   |   04:00 AM (PST)Watch video

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The Future of ML and AI with Michael Jordan and Ion Stoica

Michael Jordan, Pehong Chen Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley, offers his perspective on the current state and futu...

05 . 13 . 2020   |   07:00 AM (PST)Watch video