Scale Industrial Automation with Ray

Decrease maintenance costs and outages and improve efficiency by building AI-automated monitoring and decision systems.

Optimize the systems building the future

Industrial processes involve the operation and maintenance of capital intensive infrastructure whose operating efficiency is critical to the success of the company, workers, and consumers.

Consider supply chains, their complexity and sensitivity. Any break or kink in the chain could mean disaster for manufacturers and buyers alike.

The latest AI techniques for computer vision, anomaly detection and policy optimization can have a dramatic impact on operational efficiency, safety and maintenance costs in an industrial environment.

What you need for industrial automation in a scalable unified compute platform

Train, test, deploy, serve and monitor machine learning models efficiently and quickly with Ray and Anyscale.

  • Scale any number of models

    Industrial processes can involve collecting millions of separate streams of data for a single machine. Use a framework that makes it easy to scale the training, tuning and serving to multiple models.

  • Low latency data processing

    Ensure you can serve millions of models can monitor and execute logic on multiple data streams simultaneously in a scalable cluster, enabling a low latency, highly adaptable industrial monitoring platform.

  • Best in class RL with Ray RLLib

    Rays RLLib is the industry leading RL library used by leading companies to build automated systems. RLLib integrates the latest RL algorithms and leverages the scalability of Ray to provide unparalleled RL applications.


“We chose Ray because it was super easy to implement and comes with all the algorithms and tools we need out-of-the-box”

Edward Junprung

Edward Junprung

Customer Success, Pathmind

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