Anyscale Announces Ray Summit 2022, the Industry Conference for Scalable AI and Python Applications, Featuring Speakers from Uber, Meta, IBM and AI Experts from Global Organizations

Ray Inventors, Anyscale Co-founder and CEO, Robert Nishihara and Co-founder and President, Ion Stoica will unveil what’s next in AI and how Ray is transforming scalable AI and ML

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2022 -- Anyscale, the company behind Ray, the universal compute framework for scaling any machine learning or Python workload, today announces the third annual Ray Summit, to be held in San Francisco August 22-24, 2022. The Ray Summit is fast becoming the largest conference on scalable machine learning and scalable Python. The event will highlight new developments in AI scaling and what’s driving the growing popularity of Ray open source. Most notably this year’s Summit also features speakers from dozens of major organizations who have experienced transformative outcomes with Ray.

Ray Summit attendees include developers, project leaders and business decision-makers. Attendees will hear from leading experts in AI and distributed systems from major organizations including Amazon, Google, IBM, Lyft, Meta AI, OpenAI, Spotify, Dow, Uber and more. In addition, developers will benefit from hands-on training and workshops that enable them to accelerate their AI and machine learning initiatives.

“As Ray quickly becomes the industry standard for scaling machine learning workloads, we’re excited to bring the AI community together to share how companies are building the next generation of scalable machine learning infrastructure,” said Robert Nishihara, CEO of Anyscale. “This year marks a pivotal year as compute requirements for AI and machine learning applications continue to explode and the need for a scalable infrastructure becomes paramount for organizations and the success of their AI initiatives.”

During the Summit, dozens of organizations will be featuring their successes with Ray including:

  • Smitha Shyam, Director of Engineering, Uber

  • Kim Hazelwood, Director of Engineering, Meta AI

  • Soumith Chintala, Engineer, Meta AI

  • Greg Brockman, President & Co-Founder, OpenAI

  • DarĂ­o Gil, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, IBM

  • Wesley Kerr, Head of Tech Research, Riot Games

  • Han Li, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Instacart

  • Adam Kelloway, Data Scientist, Dow, Inc

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Ray’s rapid adoption for machine learning, Python and AI scaling centers on three major advantages:

  • The best and fastest way to effortlessly scale machine learning and Python workloads.

  • The first unified framework that provides a common compute infrastructure for all workloads ranging from data loading to training to model serving.

  • An open and flexible ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with all popular AI libraries, data platforms, and orchestration tools.

"Ray is a key component in many of our projects at IBM Research, from AI foundation models to serverless quantum computing," said DarĂ­o Gil, SVP and Director of Research at IBM, who is keynoting this year's event. "As IBM Research continues to contribute to Ray's evolution, Ray Summit offers opportunities to collaborate with other organizations on open-source solutions to shape workloads for faster delivery and performance."

Anyscale is a scalable Ray compute platform that offers the easiest way to develop, deploy and manage Ray applications. It provides organizations a fully-managed enterprise-ready platform and a turnkey approach to scaling machine learning and Python workloads that accelerates time-to-market.

Join Ray users, organizations, partners and learn from AI/ML technical experts at Ray Summit 2022. To register, visit:

About Anyscale
Anyscale is the company behind Ray, the universal compute framework for scaling any machine learning, Python or AI workload. Ray is the fastest growing open source project in scalable AI, that lets developers effortlessly scale any workload or application from a laptop to the cloud, without the cost or expertise required to build complex infrastructure. Anyscale, is a fully-managed scalable Ray compute platform that empowers developers and business leaders to effortlessly scale AI and machine learning enabling organizations to bring AI products to market faster at significantly lower costs. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, and Addition, Anyscale is based in San Francisco, CA.

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