Anyscale Private Endpoints

Feature Highlights

Use your data in your cloud to build any LLM app

  • A full-stack LLM API solution running in your Cloud
  • Built-in alerting and observability
  • Performance optimized at each layer
  • Highly available and fault tolerant
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Built for ease of deployment and operations

Additional Features

Complete Control

Accelerate your Developers and your time to market with our production-ready LLM solution proven to maximize performance, minimize cost, and accelerate time to production.

  • Built-in integrations
  • Simple APIs
  • Autoscaling
  • Configurable optimizations
  • Observability

Security and Reliability

Train, fine-tune, and run models where your data lives.

  • Advanced access controls
  • No public IPs
  • Audit logs
  • Cloud isolation

Support and Services

Technical Support, Model Refinement / Optimization teams, and customer success from the creators of Ray to make sure you unlock the value of LLMs for your use cases.