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scaling Python

Develop on your laptop and then scale the same Python code elastically across hundreds of nodes or GPUs on any cloud — with no changes.

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Parallelize Python, with minimal code changes

Simple, flexible Python primitives

Ray translates existing Python concepts to the distributed setting, allowing any serial application to be easily parallelized with minimal code changes

Distributed libraries

Easily scale compute-heavy machine learning workloads like deep learning, model serving, and hyperparameter tuning with a strong ecosystem of distributed libraries.


Scale existing workloads (for eg. Pytorch) on Ray with minimal effort by tapping into integrations.


Building on top of Ray has allowed us to deliver a state-of-the-art low-code deep learning platform that lets our users focus on obtaining best-in-class machine learning models for their data, not distributed systems and infrastructure.

Travis Addair, CTO, Predibase and Maintainer, Horovod / Ludwig AI


Scalable machine learning libraries

Native Ray libraries — such as Ray Tune and Ray Serve — lower the effort to scale the most compute-intensive machine learning workloads, such as hyperparameter tuning, training deep learning models, and reinforcement learning. For example, get started with distributed hyperparameter tuning in just 10 lines of code.

Build and run distributed apps

(no distributed systems expertise needed)

Creating distributed apps is hard. Ray handles all aspects of distributed execution so that developers can create performant distributed apps without building and managing infrastructure or becoming distributed systems experts.

Flawless distributed operations

Ray handles all aspects of distributed execution from scheduling and sequencing to scaling and fault tolerance.


Ray dynamically provisions new nodes (or removes them) to handle variable workload needs.


Ray gracefully handles machine failures to deliver uninterrupted execution.


My team at Afresh trains large time-series forecasters with a massive hyperparameter space. We googled Pytorch hyperparameter tuning, and found Ray Lightning. It took me 20 minutes to integrate into my code, and it worked beautifully. I was honestly shocked.

Philip Cerles, Senior Machine Learning Engineer


Scale on any cloud or infrastructure

Public cloud, private data centers, bare metal, Kubernetes cluster — Ray runs anywhere. Or choose Anyscale, and leave the infrastructure to us.

Trusted by leading AI and machine learning teams

From detection of geospatial anomalies to real-time recommendation, explore the stories of teams scaling machine learning on Ray.

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