Build enterprise-grade Q&A at scale with LangChain and Open Source LLMs on AWS

Watch this exciting on-demand webinar hosted by Pinecone and Anyscale, the company behind Ray. This webinar will explore how developers can build a secure and scalable question-answering system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using open-source LLMs, specifically LangChain, Anyscale, and Pinecone.

Learn how to effortlessly harness the built-in integration between LangChain, Anyscale, and Pinecone to build AI applications on AWS. Discover how these powerful tools work together to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your Q&A system, enabling you to create a well-architected LLM application.

Enhancing answer reliability is crucial, and we will show you how to leverage Pinecone's long-term memory capabilities to mitigate hallucination and ground your answers in factual information. You can significantly improve reliability and accuracy by incorporating long-term memory into your Q&A system.

Gain valuable insights into designing a well-architected LLM application on AWS. Explore best practices for optimizing performance, security, and scalability, and learn how to build an enterprise-grade Q&A system that can scale effortlessly.

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