Announcing Ray Summit, May 27-28, 2020

By Dean Wampler and Ben Lorica   

Update! Ray Summit is now rescheduled for Sept. 30 – October 1, 2020, free and online

Scalable machine learning, scalable Python, for everyone

AI is a transformative technology powering many applications that are having an impact throughout society. There are risks that accompany these technologies, but they have the potential to improve the lives of many people through their applications in medicine, healthcare, financial services, government and others. On the technical front, much progress has been achieved in recent years but there is a growing gap between the demands of AI applications and current systems and hardware capabilities. 


We are pleased to announce the inaugural Ray Summit, a conference that brings together researchers, developers, and engineers interested in building large-scale AI applications. The conference will be held in San Francisco on May 27-28, 2020. The conference centers around Ray, an open-source system for scaling Python applications from single machines to large clusters. Today, Ray is being used in cutting edge research as well as in production deployments at companies like Intel, Ant Financial, JP Morgan, Ericsson, Microsoft, and many others.

We are in the process of assembling an outstanding slate of tutorials, keynotes, and sessions. Notable confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Michael Jordan

  • Wes McKinney

  • Azalia Mirhoseini

  • Manuela Veloso

  • Ion Stoica

We also have speaking slots available and we are looking for 30-minute presentations on:

  • Ray core components and libraries.

  • Real-world case studies of applications that utilize Ray.

  • Research projects that utilize Ray.

You can submit your talk here. The Call For Speakers closes midnight Pacific Time, January 24, 2020 after which time our program committee will evaluate proposals.

Scaling applications on clusters is a daunting challenge for machine learning engineers who don’t have infrastructure experts to lean on. If you are a developer interested in adding large-scale machine learning (including deep learning and reinforcement learning) to your toolbox, if you are a researcher who needs to seamlessly scale your ML application, or if you are writing other Python applications and you need to scale across a cluster, then the Ray Summit will showcase tutorials, tools, and best practices from the world’s leading companies and research organizations. We hope to see you there!

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