Life @ Anyscale: Investing in our communities

By Tyler Faust   

Recently, the Anyscale team got together on a Saturday morning over a common purpose: making the community where we live and work a little cleaner, a little more beautiful, a little better. With trash bags in hand, we set off from the office to pick up litter for the next ninety minutes and it didn’t take long to fill our first bag, then our second as we ran from one block to the next.

The team: Anyscale CEO Robert Nishihara, Product Management Lead Paige Bailey, Software Engineer Intern Jimmy Yao, and Software Engineer Ian Rodney. (Behind the camera: Employee Experience Program Manager Tyler Faust.)
After an hour and several trash bags, we found a small grassy area with enough litter to occupy the team for the next thirty minutes.
The final results: 75 pounds in just 90 minutes!

Over the course of the morning, we found hundreds of cigarette butts, dozens of tissues, seat cushions, a car bumper, and uncountable single-use plastics, but we also had an incredible opportunity to reconnect with our community and teammates in a unique way. Picking up trash isn’t the most glamorous way to build comradery, but it is certainly effective.

Since joining Anyscale, it’s been great to see how tight-knit the team is. Volunteering together is a great way to bond as a team while improving our greater community at the same time! It’s a win-win.
-Paige Bailey, Product Management Lead

Communities are an integral part of life at Anyscale; whether they’re on GitHub, in the office, or around the neighborhood. That’s why we have Volunteer Time Off (VTO) as a perk at Anyscale. This is a win-win for us as we build relationships and community across teams and throughout our neighborhoods.

Speeding up distributed garbage collection with Anyscale — literally.

We want you to join us! Check out our online communities on GitHub and Slack, or our Careers page for professional opportunities. We’re always looking for teammates who are passionate about winning together for our communities, and looking to make distributed computing easily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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