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Update June 2024: Anyscale Endpoints (Anyscale's LLM API Offering) and Private Endpoints (self-hosted LLMs) are now available as part of the Anyscale Platform. Click here to get started on the Anyscale platform.

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Empowering AI Development with Portkey and Anyscale Endpoints: The Complete LLM+Ops Stack


Portkey and Anyscale Endpoints, when used in combination, offer a comprehensive LLMOps stack for developing AI applications with open-source Large Language Models (LLMs). Portkey provides observability, model management & improvement suite, security, and reliability, while Anyscale Endpoints offers serving open LLM as a service, private deployment and fine-tuning, creating a powerful toolkit for developers.

The landscape of AI development is rapidly evolving, and open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) have emerged as a key foundation for building AI applications. But to harness the full potential of these LLMs, developers need a robust LLMOps (Language Model Operations) stack that combines reliability, security, fine-tuning, and observability. This is where the combination of Portkey and Anyscale Endpoints comes together.

"We use Anyscale Endpoints to power consumer-facing services that have reach to millions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users," said Siddartha Saxena, Co-Founder and CTO at Merlin. "Anyscale Endpoints gives us 5x-8x cost advantages over alternatives, making it easy for us to make Merlin even more powerful while staying affordable for millions of users."

LinkPortkey: The Foundation for Reliability and Observability

Portkey, as a developer-first full-stack LLMOps platform, lays the foundation for your AI application's success. Here's how Portkey complements Anyscale Endpoints:

  1. Observability Layer: Portkey offers an observability layer that allows you to monitor and track the performance and behavior of your LLM applications in real time. This is crucial for identifying and addressing any issues that might arise during development and deploying critical LLM powered applications.

  2. Security and Compliance: Security is paramount for deploying AI applications. Portkey provides robust security and compliance protocols such as key masking & rotation, advanced networking controls and compliance with SOC2, HIPAA, ISP and GDPR.

  3. AI Gateway: Portkey seamlessly integrates with the Anyscale Platform and other LLMs providers and enables further reliability and cost reduction with features like semantic caching, automated fallbacks & load balancing - all through a unified and simple interface.

  4. Model Management & Improvement Suite: Store, manage and deploy prompt templates as APIs, and intelligently use the logs on Portkey to schedule fine-tuning jobs on Anyscale to build better models - all seamlessly from a single platform.

LinkAnyscale Endpoints

Anyscale Endpoints, a fast, cost-efficient, serverless APIs for LLM Serving and Fine Tuning:

  1. Private Deployment: Anyscale Private Endpoints allows you to deploy LLM endpoints privately in your cloud environment. This capability aligns with the need for data privacy and governance for many organizations wanting to capitalize on generative AI while protecting their most precious asset; their data.

  2. Fine-Tuning: Anyscale Endpoints Fine-tuning enables developers to use their own data to optimize the quality of open-source models and build custom-tailored applications on smaller open LLMs for better cost efficiency.

  3. State-of-the-Art Open LLMs: Anyscale offers state-of-the-art open-source models with purpose-built performance and optimized endpoints for best latency and throughput. You can choose models that suit your needs, whether you're working on small-scale or large-scale projects.

LinkThe Complete LLMOps Stack: Portkey + Anyscale Endpoints

By combining Portkey and Anyscale Endpoints, you get a complete turnkey LLMOps stack that addresses every aspect of AI application development and allow developers to build and ship applications in days on top of a fully managed solution. 

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