Presentations from the Jan 30, 2020 Ray Meetup in San Francisco

By Dean Wampler   

Here are the slide decks and videos for the Jan 30, 2020 Ray Meetup in San Francisco.

  • Introduction and Welcome – Dean Wampler (me), Anyscale: slides (PDF) and video (first four minutes)

  • Fast Scheduling in Ray 0.8 – Edward Oakes, Anyscale: slides (PDF) and video (starting at 4:15)

  • Ray Dashboard Demo – Philipp Moritz and Mitchell Stern, Anyscale (not recorded). We’ll upload a demo video soon

  • User Talk: Training Sparse Neural Networks With Ray Michaelangelo Caporale, Numenta: slides (PPTX) and video (only the second half was captured; my apologies to Michaelangelo)

  • User Talk: How Microsoft is using Ray and RLlib inside a Machine Teaching Service for Autonomous Systems – Edilmo Palencia, Microsoft: slides (PDF) and video (starting at 5:15)

  • Ray.Serve: A new scalable machine learning model serving library on Ray – Simon Mo, Anyscale: slides (slideshare) and video (starting 15 minutes in)

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