Why I joined Anyscale

By Naomi Davidson   

I’m honored to join the world-class team at Anyscale for two reasons: I believe in the purpose-driven mission and I’m blown away by the people.

Our company mission—to make distributed computing simple and accessible for any engineer from anywhere— had me bullish from the start. It resonates deeply with my value of equal access to opportunity for all. (Not to mention it’s the product I wish I had when I was building my last company). As an entrepreneur at heart with a growth mindset, I believe any bright person should be able to build applications on a Google scale. And they should be able to do it from their living room, regardless of the circumstances they were born into.

Fundamentally, talent is equally distributed in today’s world, and opportunity is not. And that unfairness has driven me to pursue a full-time career of enabling talent to unlock their potential. As someone who had to overcome lack of access to opportunity at a young age, I know what it is to not have. Addressing that unfairness is my driver, but my joy is watching talent transform and reach new heights they did not think possible—to realize their dreams by discovering their potential at work.

Joining Anyscale felt like joining a movement to democratize machine learning; we’re providing equal access for any developer to build the future. And our open-source platform (Ray) is already being used by the world’s bold and brilliant minds. When A16z invested in us, they shared that, “Ray is one of the fastest-growing open source projects we’ve ever tracked… ​​This massive popularity is both a testament to the importance of the problem it is tackling and how well the team behind it has executed on building a product that works and does what it claims.” Which brings me to my second reason for joining...

I could not imagine a better team to pursue such an audacious goal. It was obvious from the moment I met them. This crew has an intense ambition to innovate and build at massive scale, paired with an unwavering commitment to win together. The combination of those two is truly rare, and the magnitude is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’m now a few months into my role as Head of People, and am humbled to work with builders who have off-the-chart levels of grit and tenacity.

Anyscale’s co-founders, Ion, Robert, and Philipp, obsess over pushing the limits of computer learning. Which strikes an uncanny resemblance to the value and potential of pushing the limits of career growth.

You see, I’m what you get when a mechanical engineer becomes obsessed with people and performance. My first experience transforming an organization was at IBM Mainframe. I was working with experts who had 4 decades of experience of building the enterprise computing environment. And yet, I managed to help them double and then triple their team’s productivity. It was an extraordinary feeling. And I got to witness that same realization happen in my Stanford course students… when they realized how transformational a few weeks of people development could be for their own careers.

At all of the amazing companies I’ve had the chance to work at— like Pixar, Khan Academy, and LinkedIn— I learned to apply the latest thinking in neuroscience and technology to talent enablement. When I co-founded Trybe, I was able to apply those modern learning principles to build products that didn’t exist in corporate settings. Our products focused on enabling habits for real behavior change. Most recently at Blend, I was able to combine many of those elements in the pursuit of decision science, and transforming how professionals learn.

Anyscale has a unique, secret weapon: a dream team of true innovators. The kind of person who comes to Anyscale to accomplish this incredibly audacious and impactful movement has both grit and growth mindset. They’re diverse individuals who embrace cutting-edge, modern practices to enhance their performance. As a result, Anyscale will be the place where our people get a holistic, cohesive, and supportive experience to become their best selves in the spirit of accelerating our compelling mission.

Want to join the movement? We’re hiring!


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