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Anyscale Connect: AI Use Cases in Industrial Operations and Supply Chain

Anyscale Connect is an hour long speaker series, focusing on topics related to the Ray Open Source project.

01 . 06 . 2021   |   06:00 PM (PST)Watch video
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Encrypting and Tabulating Big Elections

The design of Arlo-e2e (and how Ray helped save the day).

12 . 16 . 2020   |   06:00 PM (PST)Watch video

Anyscale Connect

MLOps: Ray in the Real World

How do you bridge the gap between data science and data engineering, which is necessary to reliably and repeatedly creat...

08 . 12 . 2020   |   02:00 PM (PST)Watch video

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Practical Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning (RL) trains a system to perform a sequence of actions that maximize the rewards in an environment...

07 . 08 . 2020   |   02:00 PM (PST)Watch video

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The Road to AutoML: Hyperparameter Tuning and Neural Architecture Search

The vision of AutoML is to remove as much manual effort and required expertise as possible when applying machine learnin...

06 . 17 . 2020   |   02:00 PM (PST)Watch video

Anyscale Connect

The Future of ML and AI with Michael Jordan and Ion Stoica

Michael Jordan, Pehong Chen Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley, offers his perspective on the current state and futu...

05 . 13 . 2020   |   07:00 AM (PST)Watch video