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Ray Serve 101: Deploying your first ML model locally and as a managed service

Join this webinar for a primer on Ray Serve - an easy-to-use, scalable model serving library built on top of Ray.

05 . 05 . 2022   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
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RL in production: A roundtable discussion with industry leaders

Reinforcement learning (RL) is the new kid on the machine learning block. Why are industry leaders giving RL a try? When...

04 . 13 . 2022   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
ray serve

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Introduction to Ray Serve

Ray Serve is Ray’s model serving library. Traditionally, model serving requires configuring a web server or a cloud-host...

03 . 23 . 2022   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video

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Simplify and scale your XGBoost model using Ray on Anyscale

In this webinar, we will cover how Ray, a universal distributed computing framework running on Anyscale, simplifies the...

03 . 09 . 2022   |   05:00 PM (UTC)Register
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Getting started with Anyscale concepts, code, and clusters

In this webinar, the Anyscale solutions team will guide you through the steps of taking your Python workloads to the clo...

03 . 01 . 2022   |   04:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
Ray Datasets

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Ray Datasets: Scalable data preprocessing for distributed ML

Ray Datasets is a Ray-native distributed dataset library that serves as the standard way to load, process, and exchange...

02 . 23 . 2022   |   05:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
Ray Train

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Ray Train: Production-ready distributed deep learning

Today, most frameworks for deep learning prototyping, training, and distributing to a cluster are either powerful and in...

02 . 09 . 2022   |   05:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
Time series

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Faster time series forecasting using Ray and Anyscale

Forecasting is an important part of running any business. The “embarrassingly parallel” pattern of distributed computin...

01 . 18 . 2022   |   05:00 PM (UTC)Watch video
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RLlib: Scalable RL training and serving in the cloud with Ray

RLlib on Ray is an industrial-strength reinforcement learning (RL) framework with the power of Ray autoscaling built in....

12 . 01 . 2021   |   05:00 PM (UTC)Watch video

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Scaling Machine Learning Workloads with Ray

Modern machine learning (ML) workloads, such as deep learning and large-scale model training, are compute-intensive and...

11 . 17 . 2021   |   05:00 PM (UTC)Watch video