Scale your application from your laptop to the cloud.

Develop and run production workloads at scale as simply as running on your laptop.

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A cloud tailor-made for distributed workloads

No matter where you are in your Ray journey, you can boost productivity, speed time to market, and simplify your operations by running your distributed machine learning and Python workloads on Anyscale.

Key features

Anyscale augments your Ray development experience, making it effortless to scale from laptop to a cluster. Here are just a few capabilities to enable the infinite laptop experience:

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Serverless autoscaling

Anyscale abstracts away servers, dynamically scaling up and down to meet demands

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Fault tolerant

Pods crash. Disks die. Nodes reboot. Anyscale handles all failures gracefully, without impacting execution

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App packaging

Seamlessly move apps to production; the code and library bundling is automatically handled for you

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Centrally monitor the health of your resources and workloads with out of the box Grafana dashboards

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Group 77

Scalable machine learning made easy

Tap into Ray’s rich machine learning ecosystem to easily develop, scale, and deploy sophisticated machine learning applications. Simplify your operations with Ray as a unified distributed framework for your end-to-end machine learning workflows.

Supercharge your training with Ray Tune, serving with Ray Serve, Reinforcement learning workloads with RLlib, or use one of the many 3rd party library integrations.

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