Posts by Erik Martinez

05 . 03 . 2022

Riot Games and deep reinforcement learning in gaming

Learn how Riot Games is doing more than just training an agent to play a game — they're using deep RL to create a better user experience for gamers.

JPMorgan RL Summit thumbnail
05 . 03 . 2022

Reinforcement learning based on market simulation at JPMorgan

Learn how JPMorgan is using RL to model complex economic systems and efficient policy learning.

05 . 03 . 2022

Smart supply chain management with reinforcement learning at Dow

Find out how Dow is creating reinforcement learning-based agents for production scheduling to enable better and faster decision making that positively impacts customers, financial performance, and shareholder value.

Siemens RL Summit talk thumbnail
05 . 03 . 2022

Siemens brings reinforcement learning to energy, transportation and logistics

Learn how Siemens Technology has applied reinforcement in real-world use cases.

02 . 28 . 2022

Sailing to victory with reinforcement learning

McKinsey’s QuantumBlack helps Team New Zealand retool the way they train with reinforcement learning built on Ray.