Videos and Slides for the Third Ray Summit Connect, July 8, 2020

By Dean Wampler   

The videos and slides are now available for the third Ray Summit Connect, July 8, 2020.

For your convenience, there are separate videos for each talk and for the Q&A and panel discussion at the end.

  • Scalable RL for TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Beyond, Eric Liang (Anyscale)videoslides.

  • Connecting Reinforcement Learning to Simulation Software, Max Pumperla (Pathmind)videoslides.

  • Build, train and deploy RLlib models on Amazon SageMaker RL, Anna Luo (AWS)videoslides.

  • Q&A and panel discussion with the speakers, moderated by Dean Wampler: video.

In addition to Ray Summit, we have several more Anyscale Academy and  Ray Summit Connect left this Summer:


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