Why I Joined Anyscale: Solving Cutting-Edge Problems in a Time of Enormous Change

By Sidney Rabsatt   

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge problems across some of the most impactful technological transitions of our time. From the early days of the World Wide Web to the rise of Mobile and Cloud computing, I’ve worked on numerous commercial products across Networking, Observability, and App/Cloud Infrastructure and on some of the most widely-adopted open-source projects including Wireshark, Nginx, and now Ray. I've been deeply involved in resolving the complexities and, at times, unexpected infrastructure obstacles that technologists encounter, while empowering companies to fully benefit from these advancements.

Sidney Rabsatt Headshot
Picture of Sidney Rabsatt, Anyscale Head of Product

AI promises to be the most complex transition across the most dimensions that affect our lives.

I joined Anyscale to embrace and be part of solving those challenges. I joined to make AI available to all organizations, to give people better tools, and do it responsibly.

Ray and Anyscale work at the core of the best known and most advanced AI applications such as Generative AI with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Prediction for Uber rides / ETAs, not to mention what Spotify, Instacart and others are doing. 

The team is one of the strongest in the industry, comprised of AI/ML PhD’s and experienced AI experts from top schools like UC Berkeley and companies like Uber, Google, Amazon, Meta, and more!

Our technology is proven and continues to evolve rapidly with strong community involvement. And the opportunity is vast to define how best to develop and run AI. 

AI will touch and shape our lives in many ways and joining Anyscale to lead Product is how I’m getting involved.

Next steps

Anyscale's Platform in your Cloud

Get started today with Anyscale's self-service AI/ML platform:

  • Powerful, unified platform for all your AI jobs from training to inference and fine-tuning
  • Powered by Ray. Built by the Ray creators. Ray is the high-performance technology behind many of the most sophisticated AI projects in the world (OpenAI, Uber, Netflix, Spotify)
  • AI App building and experimentation without the Infra and Ops headaches
  • Multi-cloud and on-prem hybrid support