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Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
08 . 26 . 2021

An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI Gym, RLlib, and Google Colab

An introductory tutorial on reinforcement learning with OpenAI Gym, RLlib, and Google Colab.

SpaceX Falcon9 rocket
04 . 21 . 2021

Attention Nets and More with RLlib's Trajectory View API

In this post, we’re announcing two new features now stable in RLlib: Support for Attention networks as custom models, and the “trajectory view API”. RLlib is a popular reinforcement learning library that is part of the open-source Ray project.

Unity 3D game world
01 . 19 . 2021

Reinforcement Learning with RLlib in the Unity Game Engine

Train different agents inside the Unity3D game engine, thereby observing that their initial clumsy behaviors become more and more sophisticated and clever over time. We will use Ray RLlib, a popular open-source reinforcement learning library, in conn...