Posts by Will Drevo

Ray Train
01 . 25 . 2022

Distributed deep learning with Ray Train is now in Beta

Introducing Ray Train, an easy-to-use library for distributed deep learning. In this post, we show how Ray Train improves developer velocity, is production-ready, and comes with batteries included.

Ray Lightning
08 . 19 . 2021

Introducing Ray Lightning: Multi-node PyTorch Lightning training made easy

Ray Lightning is a new plugin that makes running multi-node GPU training with PyTorch Lightning fast and easy.

Ray + LightGBM
08 . 10 . 2021

Introducing Distributed LightGBM Training with Ray

LightGBM is a gradient boosting framework based on tree-based learning algorithms. Compared to XGBoost, it is a relatively new framework, but one that is quickly becoming popular in both academic and production use cases.  We’re excited to announce a...