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3rdGenTasks andActors
11 . 30 . 2021

Deep Dive: Data Ingest in a Third Generation ML Architecture

Distributed libraries allow improved performance by exploiting the full bandwidth of distributed memory, and giving greater programmability. But how does that actually work? What does the code look like?

In this post, we’ll be looking at a concrete...

10 . 06 . 2021

Why Third Generation ML Platforms are More Performant

In a previous blog post, we defined a "3rd generation ML platform" as one that offered full programmability for ML workflows. Key to a 3rd generation platform is the concept of a programmable compute layer. In this blog, we report on emerging pattern...

Uber Leveraging Ray
09 . 15 . 2021

The Third Generation of Production ML Architectures

As technology has advanced, production ML architectures have evolved. One way to see it is in terms of generations: The first generation involved “fixed function” pipelines, while the second generation involved programmability within the pipeline of...

01 . 04 . 2021

Why I’m joining Anyscale

Anyscale is on an ambitious mission to make distributed computing simple and flexible. And there are reasons to be confident. Anyscale’s library, Ray, demonstrates how it can be done.